My name is Leon Alexandar Christian and I have a love for creating books that are cute and practical (and sometimes very impractical when I'm feeling frisky). I started this hobby around 12 years old with cut-up shirts, a stapler, and Scotch tape. Since then, I've grown out of stapling together books in my bedroom and now I glue them together, but still in my bedroom.

Basically, bookbinding is close to my heart and I spend a lot of my time trying to incorporate staples back into it.

Jokes aside, Black Libellum is my foray into the world of professional artwork. I am not formally trained but I would love to be someday. I have taught myself through many YouTube videos and tutorials, but mostly years of trial and error. I am proud to present to the world what I can make with my own two hands.

I live in North Carolina with my wife and companion. We have two cats and a reptile, and yes, they help. 


I'm set apart in my craft not only because it's a very small art these days, but also because I don't choose sides between the modern and the traditional with technique or materials. I've sewn traditional headbands by hand and dabbled with leather binding; I've watched a ton of SeaLemon videos and also "invented" things myself. I've used whatever I have lying around the house which makes for some very interesting results, and I've spent a pretty penny on something high quality and specific to achieve a certain look.

Bookbinding is a combination of folding skills, sewing skills, precision, perfectionism, and completely winging it (at least as far as I'm concerned!).

The Pagemasters apparel section is designed by the printmaker, my partner. Their designs are typically based on queer interpretations of classic literature: Gawain and Green Knight, The Lady of Shallot, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, etc. Designs not inspired by literature usually include hidden gems alluding to queer history, women's history, or myth. They use their art degree in printmaking to make unique digital hybrid pieces.

Thank you for viewing my site and reading this page. I'm always glad to discuss my technique or just chat. Cheers!